Submissions from 2010

Physical examination is a poor screening test for abdominal-pelvic injury in adult blunt trauma patients., Christopher P. Michetti, Joseph V. Sakran, J. G. Grabowski, E. V. Thompson, K. Bennett, and S. M. Fakhry

Splenic injury due to colonoscopy: analysis of the world literature, a new case report, and recommendations for management., Christopher P. Michetti, E. Smeltzer, and S. M. Fakhry

Submissions from 2009

Human polymerized hemoglobin for the treatment of hemorrhagic shock when blood is unavailable: the USA multicenter trial., Christopher P. Michetti, E. E. Moore, F. A. Moore, T. C. Fabian, A. C. Bernard, G. J. Fulda, D. B. Hoyt, T. M. Duane, L. J. Weireter Jr., G. A. Gomez, M. D. Chipolle, G. H. Rodman Jr., M. A. Malangoni, G. A. Hides, L. A. Omert, S. A. Gould, and PolyHeme Study Group


International study of the prevalence and outcomes of infection in intensive care units., Christopher P. Michetti, J. L. Vincent, J. Rello, E. Silva, A. Anzueto, C. D. Martin, R. Moreno, J. Lipman, C. Gomersall, Y. Sakr, and K. Reinhart

Submissions from 2007

Contemporary analysis of thoracic aortic injury: importance of screening based on crash characteristics., Christopher P. Michetti, R. Hanna, J. R. Crandall, and S. M. Fakhry

Submissions from 2003

Pentoxifylline reduces acute lung injury in chronic endotoxemia., Christopher P. Michetti, R. Coimbra, D. B. Hoyt, W. Loomis, W. Junger, and P. Wolf

The resident experience on trauma: declining surgical opportunities and career incentives? Analysis of data from a large multi-institutional study., Christopher P. Michetti, S. M. Fakhry, D. D. Watts, J. P. Hunt, and EAST Multi-Institutional Blunt Hollow Viscous Injury Research Group

New advances in solid-organ injury: spleen and liver., Christopher P. Michetti and H. David Reines