Submissions from 2009

Reduced Ventilator Length Of Stay Through Implementation Of Spontaneous Awakening And Breathing Trial With Multidisciplinary Approach., Christopher P. Michetti, S. Blake, P. Shah, M. Raich, G. Bush, J. Crow, T. Arrowsmith, D. Belkoski, S. Astle, L. Schakenbach, L. Thomas, H. Russell, J. Vourlekis, and J. Lamberti

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Submissions from 2006

Contemporary Analysis of Thoracic Aortic Injury: Importance of Screening Based on Crash Characteristics., Christopher P. Michetti, R. Hanna, A. Moore, J. R. Crandall, and S. M. Fakhry

Submissions from 2005

Immune Enhanced Diet in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Prospective Randomized, Double-blind Trial., Christopher P. Michetti, S. M. Fakhry, G. L. Ecelbarger, H. Nguyen, K. Vaziri, J. C. Roland, R. Askari, J. M. Scanlon, L. Robinson, S. Okosun, N. Guzman, H. Seoudi, and K. Dwyer

Protein Oxidation in Severely Injured Trauma Patients: Findings in a Contemporary Management Setting., Christopher P. Michetti, J. C. Roland, G. L. Ecelbarger, K. Vaziri, L. Robinson, A. Rizzo, H. Seoudi, K. Dwyer, and S. M. Fakhry

Optimizing trauma resource allocation and outcomes: "sine wave" variation in hourly admission volume., Christopher P. Michetti, K. Vaziri, J. Roland, L. Robinson, and S. F. Fakhry