Submissions from 2011

Primary Cutaneous CD30-Positive Large T-Cell Lymphoma in an 80-Year-Old Man: A Case Report, R. Hussain and Amir A. Bajoghli

Submissions from 2010

Utilization of a new tissue expander in the closure of a large Mohs surgical defect., Amir A. Bajoghli, J. Y. Yoo, and D. T. Faria

Submissions from 2009

Treatment of cutaneous malignant myoepithelioma on the nasal ala using mohs micrographic surgery in a two and a half year old child, Amir A. Bajoghli and J. Limpert

Three case reports of metastatic basal cell carcinoma, Amir A. Bajoghli, O. Olowoyeye, N. Dash, and N. Sadeghi

Foreign body granuloma due to injectable polymethylmethacrylate microspheres, C. F. Estes and Amir A. Bajoghli

Submissions from 2008

Picture of the month. Urticaria pigmentosa, Amir A. Bajoghli and C. M. Blankenship

Submissions from 2007

What is your diagnosis? Kaposi sarcoma, S. S. Walia, K. Lee, and Amir A. Bajoghli

Submissions from 2003

Effect of spectral filtering on efficacy of hair removal with a long-pulse flashlamp system, Amir A. Bajoghli, M. Stoll, I. Yaroslavsky, and M. Pankratov

Submissions from 1999

Pathological case of the month. Eczema herpeticum, Amir A. Bajoghli, F. E. Babl, and R. L. Travers

Identification of mycobacterial DNA in cutaneous lesions of sarcoidosis, N. Li, Amir A. Bajoghli, A. A. Kubba, and J. Bhawan

Submissions from 1998

Eczema herpeticum following varicella vaccination in an atopic child, Amir A. Bajoghli, F. Babl, and R. Travers